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Event News !!!

The Olympic flame has been lit to celebrate the first ever Quizzypedia event... and maybe also to mark the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In any event, or actually in this event, the first five of 51 questions have already been posted, so if you are dying to test your Olympic knowledge or just mildly interested, do check it out. The event is only available in our apps, meaning that you cannot answer on any of our social media platforms or on our websites. For Android users it is easy. Go to Google Play, search for “Quizzypedia” and download the app. For Apple users it is less easy, but doable. The app is still in review and we do not know when it will be approved. However, there is a work around to this. If you download an app called Expo Go ( and use a QR code that you will find below this message, then you can still join. Expo is a testing app but it has the full functionality, sometimes even things we are working on. If you would rather wait until the real app is there, or you are busy with other stuff (maybe watching your favorite competition at the Olympics), don’t worry, all questions will be available for you. All “open” questions will be available for you from the moment you read your first question and you will have three days to answer all these questions. And one last thing. We hit a slight problem with the leaderboards. That means that if you hit the button “Leaderboards” you will get to a page saying “coming soon”. I can’t exactly say what coming soon means, but sometime next week. I hope you will enjoy the event! The first five questions are: Question 1:

Category: Athletics Which 8 time Gold medal winning sprinter from Jamaica (current world record holder in both 100 & 200m) is considered one of the best athletes of all time?

_____ Question 2:

Category: Olympic Movement "I declare open the Games of [name of host city] celebrating the [number of the Olympiad] Olympiad of the modern era" is the official line used to formally open the summer games. Only one person has ever opened 2 different summer games and what is more, the husband of that person had opened another, earlier summer games. Who is that person?

_____ Question 3:

Category: Name the sport Most individual multiple Olympic Winners have either competed in Swimming or Gymnastics, however an Italian named Edoardo Mangiarotti won a total of 13 medals competing in which sport?

_____ Question 4:

Category: Tennis Which tennis player won the gold medal in the women’s singles in 1988 making her the first winner of the competition in 64 years? 1988 was a good year for her, as she also won all four Grand Slam tournaments, and achievement that combined with her Olympic win was then coined a Golden Slam. As of 2021, she is the only player, male or female, to have won all these five tournaments within the same calendar year.

_____ Question 5:

Category: Rugby Rugby has been a rare guest at the Olympics. In 1924, Rugby Union was a part of the official program and it would take 92 years before the sport was to be found in the Olympic program again – this time the Rugby Sevens variety. Which country won the men's competition of the first ever Olympic gold medal in Rugby Sevens in 2016?

Game on!


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Debajyoti Adhikari
Debajyoti Adhikari
Jul 27, 2021

Is there are way to play this event in the website? I don’t want to download another app.

Debajyoti Adhikari
Debajyoti Adhikari
Jul 28, 2021
Replying to

OK, thanks.

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