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Season 100 - Tie-Break

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Largest lakes of the world

17 lakes in the world cover an area that surpasses 10,000 square kilometers. Name as many of the 17 lakes as possible.

Name as many of the lakes the 17 largest lakes in world. Naming lakes that cover an area smaller than 10,000 square kilometers will deduct a point. You can answer several times until 7 o’clock CET tomorrow (6 July) by sending chatmessages to the page or to Henrik Mølgaard. There will be no continuous update of who has the most correct answers, nor will the quizmaster answer whether or not an answer is correct or incorrect when it has been submitted. Players are allowed to delete submitted answers, if they realise an answer given might be incorrect.

If two or more players finish with the same number of tie-break points, the player who has given the most correct answers (but also more incorrect answers) is the winner. If the players are still tied they will get a new question, where they will be asked for one answer to a question they will not know the exact answer to. The player who comes closest to the correct answer will then be declared the winner.

Everybody can play along of course, but it will not give anybody additional points - the-tie break is only meant to sort out the ranking of the top players.

Example: Player one names the following lakes: A, B, C and D and X, Y and Z Player two names the following lakes: A, B, and C and X A, B, C and D are correct answers X, Y and Z are wrong answers Therefore Player one has a score of 1 (4 correct minus 3 incorrect) and Player two has a score of 2 (3 correct minus 1 incorrect) Thus Player two wins with a score of 2 even if player one had more correct answers overall.

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