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Season 108 - Clash of Countries

It is interesting to see how big an influence the quizmaster has on who is participating in the quiz. In Season 107 Dorian Willems was the quizmaster and the quiz was all of a sudden populated by 11 active Belgian quizzers. In Season 103 Evie Levens was the quizmaster and we had 7 active quizzers from Down Under. This season Hasini Minuvanpitiya is the quizmaster and we have a whopping 17 active Lankans playing. The usual Quizzypedia season usually has an overwhelming majority of Danish and English players, but it seems like the demographic landscape of Quizzypedia is changing.

So here is the challenge. Which country will come out on top with the most points. Do invite your countrymen and get help your country win the Clash of Countries. And before you get any ideas… dirty tackles on quizzers from other countries will not be tolerated

Game on!

Participating quizzers/points: Sri Lanka 17 - 20 Denmark 12 - 17 England 8 -10 Belgium 4 - 4 Sweden 1 -2 Norway 2 - 2 Australia 1 - 2 Bulgaria 1 - 1 Germany 1 -1 India 1 - 1 Serbia 1 - 1 Scotland 1 - 1

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