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Season 112 - Clash of Countries

Clash of Countries – Season 5

The season kicks off with 10 competing teams. Team Denmark and Team England take the two top spots and Tean Sri Lanka is back in third place. Team Belgium who took the last podium position in the previous season is back in fourth place, but only two points behind the Lankans, so anything can happen there. Australia and India are tied for fifth place with six points each, and the following places are all inhabited by one man armies from Norway, Germany, Japan and Sweden who all have two points each. I expect that the scoreboard will look quite different at the end of the day tomorrow, when more players have found their national jerseys and started submitting answers.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 12 22 England 10 17 Sri Lanka 7 13 Belgium 6 11 Australia 3 6 India 3 6 Norway 1 2 Germany 1 2 Japan 1 2 Sweden 1 2

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