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Season 118 - News !!!

So what is new? Not much really. We made a few bug fixes in the Android App. For instance, now British players will be able to choose England, Scotland and Wales as their nationality. We are currently working on integrating the data from the app and the website, so the info on the leaderboards will be identical at the end of each day. In an ideal world you should be able to see the complete leaderboard with all info on the website each night already, but since I am transferring the data from the app to the webpage manually at the moment, the ideal world and the real world do not always match. Hopefully this will change in a not-too-distant future.


Okay, enough chit-chat. The new season is about to start – this time with questions made by Danish Super quizzer and Quizzypedia vetaran Fleming Borg Nielsen. Get ready, the fun is about to begin... Game on!

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