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Season 122 - News !!!

At the beginning of last season I teased that some new features in the app would be released during the season and as some of you might have noticed they haven’t been. But this time that is not entirely on us. Sometimes, when we make updates to the app Google needs time to review the changes, other times, they do not. And you guessed it... this time they do. The app has already been in review for some days and with a bit of luck the new version with e-mail log in (among other things) is already in the app store when you read this. If not, it should be there soon.

So, I hope that those of you who opted out of using the app because of this missing feature will now take it for a spin.As always you can find the app in google play – simply seach for Quizzypedia and that should do the trick.

And now it is almost time to quiz again and I am very happy to announce that one of the world’s best quizzers and almost equally important Quizzypedia Champion Ronny Swiggers has made the questions for the upcoming season. So getreadybecause the season is about to commence...

Game on!

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