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Season 127 - News !!!

This is another slow news week. However, I can say that we are making very good progress towards the Olympics event. The questions are now coming in at a steady pace, and the app is shaping up nicely. We are also working on the IOS version, so as promised, that should be ready for the start of the Olympics too. Now some of you might be thinking... Darn, I am on vacation during the first part of the Olympics so it makes no sense for me to join. Well fear not. We have decided to make the events a little different so you can actually come late to the table and still have the full meal.

What does that mean, you might think? Well, let's say you start playing on day 7. Then, when you see your first question all the questions up until that point will be made available for you and you will have exactly three days to answer all those questions. After that, you will have caught up to the others and the questions will be revealed to you gradually. We hope that you will like the minor twist to the concept. It will of course mean that you will never know if somebody will be overtaking you from behind on the leaderboard, but then again, this event is not so much about finding a winner as it is diving into the Olympics and testing your own knowledge in this particular field of knowledge. Okay, enough about that. You are here to quiz after all and quiz we will. One of Sri Lankas absolute top quizzers Hasini Minuvanpitiya has agreed to return in the role of quizmaster. Last time she was quizmaster we had the highest number of participating quizzers ever. Hasini’s first season was also the first ever season of Clas of Countries – a season that her fellow countrymen won. I wonder if she will set a new record of participating quizzers and if Sri Lanka will take home their second CoC trophy. It will require a lot of Lankas to turn out, though... so all I can say is... Game on!

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