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Season 129 - News - World Championship Scores

News !!!

Well, this is sort of old news since the event actually took place more than two weeks ago, but it has taken me some time to prepare this post. I would like to congratulate Ronny on winning the World Quizzing Championships. Ronny has been in the running every time since the event started and now, he finally did it. 166 points, an astonishing accomplishment!

Ronny’s victory inspired me to do something I have long been wanting to do. Make a list of the Quizzypedia quizzers who have participated at the World Quizzing Championships and their results year by year. I think this is a fun (and interesting) list. Now I had a bit of trouble deciding how I should rank it. Finally, I decided on making 3 different lists. 1 with the average score over the years, one with the highest score achieved and one with the average score minus the best and worst scores (mostly to get rid of bad starter years). Below you will see the top ten of all three lists. If you want to see the full list have a look at the spreadsheet I made. You will find it here:

If I have missed some quizzers or some scores or if I typed in the wrong scores, please let me know, and I will add the missing data or make the necessary corrections.


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