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Season 130 - News !!!

This week we have very little news to offer. We are still fighting with the people at Apple to get them to approve the app. We are confident that it will happen – and hopefully soon – but I have decided to stop making promises that I apparently cannot keep. The app will be out eventually, and I promise to let you all know when that happens. The Olympics event was a great success... so to speak. It was a success, because the system worked and we will quickly be able to adapt it, so we can begin releasing old seasons and themed quizzes. The event was less of a success when it comes to the number of participating quizzers, that was frankly very disappointing. The event is currently unavailable in the app (I unpublished it), but I will activate it again when the IOS version is ready and I hope that some of you will give it a go even if the Olympics have come and gone already. I honestly think that we had 51 great questions and I think it is a shame that Sander, Duncan and Dorian’s hard work should have a much larger audience. Okay, enough chit-chat. The new season is about to start. And the questions are made by top quizzer from the Philippines, David Nadora, and reigning champion, so the timing couldn’t be better. Have fun... Game On!

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