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Season 174 - News

It is time for a short summer vacation. This Saturday, I will begin my bike ride to Paris with @Team Rynkeby - a charity organization that raises money for children with cancer and children with severe lung diseases.

If you can spare a few kroner, dollars, pounds or bit coins (the last one would be much appreciated), please click on the link below and help me help children with critical illnesses.

The trip ( of around 1.250 kilometers) will take 8 days, so my days will be spent mostly on the bike. For that reason I will be unable to tend properly to the quiz. The following two weeks will be spent on an Italian beach to give my body some much needed rest. However, if you will allow a little longer response time than usual, that should not prevent me from running the quiz from Italy. Therefore, the plan as it is now, is to run Season 174 from Monday Juli 17. I wish you all a pleasant break where you hopefully will give your brains some well deserved rest. Instead, do go outside, see how it feels… I know it's a scary thought, but you might like it…

The answers to the final three days of season 173 are:


Day 12 of 14

Category: World War II

Answer: Vichy


Day 13 of 14

Category: Musicians

Answer: Dieter Bohlen


Day 14 of 14

Category: Evolution

Answer: Darwinian Demon

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