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Season 186 - Last Call !!!

Don’t forget to join Season 186.

The first three questions made by Henrik Mølgaard are:Day 1:Category: Fictional Characters

In the animated television series 'The Simpsons,' which character is renowned for his overly friendly demeanor, devout Christian beliefs, and the catchphrase 'Okily-dokily!'? Distinguished by his green sweater, pink collared shirt, and mustache, he is the Simpson family's neighbor.


Day 2:Category: Football

In Scottish football, a legendary rivalry exists between two Glasgow-based clubs, known for its intensity both on and off the pitch. This rivalry, deeply ingrained in the city's cultural and religious fabric, has been a defining feature of Scottish sports for over a century. What term is commonly used to refer to this historic rivalry, which has transcended the realm of football to become a symbol of divided loyalties within Glasgow?

Day 3:Category: Classical Music

Originating from Japan, this influential music education method, founded by a renowned violinist, emphasizes learning music as one would a language. Focused on young children, it involves listening, repetition, and playing in groups, rather than initially reading music. What is this method, known for its unique approach to developing musical skills and character?

Go to our website to submit your answers, download the Android App in Google Play or answer here by sending a direct message. Leaderboard: Most important rules:1. No googling! 2. DON’T WRITE the answer on the wall go to and submit your answer there. 3. Only one answer per contestant per question. 4. The answer will be revealed after 3 days (except for the last two questions).

For the extended rulebook, see here:

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