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Season 75 turned out to a fairly easy season (as intended). Most regular quizzers had good or very good scores compared to their usual level. Only one question (day 13 - European Politics) had a correct answer percentage below 20 (18%) and only one extra question had a correct answer percentage below 30 (day 10 with 26% - Power Outage). Up until day 9, 8 quizzers still had perfect scores, so so everything pointed towards another tie-break finish.

But as usual, the most difficult questions were placed at the end of the season, and one by one the top quizzers missed a step. On day 12, only two quizzers, Andrew John and Jens Andersen, were left standing, but Andrew didn’t know (or guess) the answer to the connection between the European politicians. Jens did and since he’s also well versed in the International System of Units he aced the last question too and finished with a perfect season. This is Jens’ second championship (his last victory fell in season 40!) - congratulations! Well done, mate!

Season 75 set a new record. 72 quizzers chose to participate and we are seeing a lot of new quizzers chiming in. This must be due to you guys inviting friends and relatives. Thank you so much for doing that, I hope you will continue doing so.


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