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Season 77 - News

It’s time for yet another special season. As your regular quizmaster is still on vacation, Sarah

and Dan have agreed to share the task as quizmaster. This is the first time a US citizen (Sarah) will host a season, so it will be interesting to see if that adds a new flavour to the questions. I can’t say much about the season yet, but one thing’s for sure… y’all better be ready. Although both Sarah and Dan are relative newcomers to Quizzypedia Sarah already has a qp trophy on her mantelpiece and Dan has proven himself to be a top contender too. Please give them your warmest welcome.

The season begins on monday 22nd at 11 am CET. One question each day for 14 days – three days to answer. The questions will be posted at 7 o’clock (CET) on the following 13 days. Use the send message button at the bottom of the post to submit answers. A correct answer will get a thumbs up, an incorrect answer a thumbs down. The correct answers are revealed on the page after three days.

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