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The first week of season 84 started out fairly easy. At least 40 percent of the participating quizzers answered the first seven questions correctly and almost all of “the usual suspects” had seven for seven when the week was over. This would change dramatically in week two, where no question saw a correct answer percentage above 30 (which quite frankly was unintentional and too hard).

The first big hurdle came on day 10, where only three of the quizzers who ended in top ten made it to the top of North Korea’s sacred mountain. However, things would get much worse on day 13 where only three quizzers (out of 69) were able to name the strange walled racketsport called padel. Sarah was one of the three quizzers and because she only missed one question during the entire season (the president of Ukraine) no one could keep up with her and she is our new champ. This is Sarah’s third championship. Please give her a big round of applause.


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