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As always, Season 90 started off with three almost free questions. The Jimmy Hoffa question on day one dipped just below of 80 % correct answers, which is my goal for the questions on the first three days, but the India and Kobe Bryant questions kept the average of those three questions well above the 80 percent mark.

However, much to my surprise, the Ariana Grande question on day 4 turned out to be the second hardest question of the season. With a prediction of 45 and a correct answer percentage of 18, the hardometer was really off on that one.

Luckily the Zika virus and Asgaard (thanks to Marvel, I understand) proved to be somewhat easier than expected so the average hardometer over the whole season (48) ticked in just one percentage point lower than the actual season average (49).

With an average of almost 50, it was very likely that one or more of the quizzers would have a perfect season. This also turned out to be the case this time around. Allie, Kathryn and Mads came close with 13 points each, but Tony and John R. made it all the way to the finish line without having a single misfire. So once again it was tie-break time…

The topic was tracks on the Michael Jackson album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I. Only five quizzers participated but they all fought well. A special mention should go out to Mads, who mentioned to correctly identify 17 songs on the album (more than anyone else). However, he also mentioned three songs not included on either cd (I agree, where is Smooth Criminal???) so his final tally ended on 14 points. For this reason Angela scored more points than Mads as she identified 15 songs and made no errors.

But back to the battle for the trophy. Tony had been out all day yesterday and handed in his answer 21 minutes before the deadline. He managed to identify seven songs on the double album. John, however, identified 15 songs correctly and had no misses. Therefore, John is our new champion. This is John’s second championship, 25 seasons after his first victory. Very well done, John. Congratulations! I think applause from the Quizzypedia community is in order. :)

I will be "out of the office" from 30 March to April 12, so if anyone would like to take over as Guest Quizmaster in Season 94, I would be very happy.


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