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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Season 92 was probably the easiest Quizzypedia season ever! The hardometer was set to 48 but after 14 days of quizzing the difficulty of the entire season landed on 53. And there were no really difficult questions - only one question (Biedermeier) received less than 30% correct answers. So some would probably argue, that this season was a tad too easy.. and maybe rightly so...

With such easy questions at least one quizzer was bound to get a perfect season, right? Right! Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five quizzers managed to reach the holy Quizzypedia grail of 14 correct answers in one season. The five top players were Duncan and Tony, both of whom have had at least one perfect season and at least 1 trophy before (Tony, of course has more than he can count). The other three had never had a perfect season before and only one of them, Bjarke had held the quiz cup in their hands. That meant that Mads and Niels had the chance of winning their first trophy ever.

So this time a tie-break was certainly needed. The topic this time… Brad Pitt films. Duncan gracefully chose to bow out of the tie-break (having won the last season) but he deserves special mention just the same, as he is the first player to have two perfect seasons in a row which is quite the achievement.

So it was down to four players. Tony managed to identify 12 films, Bjarke followed him with 18 correct answers, but both Mads and Niels outdid them. This meant that we would truly have a new Quizzypedia champion, but would it be Mads, the reigning Danish quizzing champion or Niels a quiz veteran and film translator… tough call...

Mads was quickly out of the gate and managed to come up with a staggering 31 films. Niels’ response came a bit later and he informed me that he had managed to come up with 31 films. However, when I made a quick count of the number of titles on Niels list, I reached 32. At this point I thought the trophy would go to Niels. But then I realized that True Romance appeared two times on the list. So he did indeed hand in 31 titles. I thought I had to activate the tie-tie-break (“who can come the closest to Brad Pitt’s date of birth”), but when I ran through the list one title stood out to me. “Boyhood”. I couldn’t remember Pitt in Richard Linklater’s coming of age drama, so I went back to double check my list ... no Boyhood! That means that Niels’ final tally ended on 29. Two points below Mads who is our new champion. This is, as hinted at above, Mads’ first championship. Please give him a big round of applause.

And do give an elbow bump or a Wuhan Shake to Sisira Mark Anthony who has been kind enough to offer to run season 93! I know you are in very capable hands…


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