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Rules of the game

Structure of a season

A season consists of 14 questions. One question will be posted every morning at 7.00 AM CET (except for the first question of the season, which is posted at 11.00 AM CET and the last question of the season, which is posted at 12. AM (midnight)). Quizzers will have three days to answer each question after which the answer is revealed on the site. However, the answers to the two final questions of each season are revealed at 7.00 AM CET on the day of the new season. Therefore, all players should be aware of the fact that less time is available to submit answers to the last two questions of the season. On the final day of the season, the top contenders must submit answers before 16.00 PM CET. This will leave time for a tie-break if two or more quizzers at the top of the table are tied for first place.  

How to answer 

Type in your answer, in the answer box below the question. If you have questions or additional comments to the quizmaster, you can leave them in the comments box below or use the chat-function on the page. If your answer is immediately identifiable as being correct, you will be notified and given a point on the leaderboard without delay. If the system does not recognize your answer, the quizmaster will check the answer and return with a ruling. The ruling will usually be given within a couple of hours, but it might take up to 16 hours for a reply to appear.  

If the answer to a question is a person’s name, (John F. Kennedy, for instance), then the last name of that person will be considered a correct answer (Kennedy, in this instance) unless other answer requirements are stated directly in the question. 


The Leaderboard 

The leaderboard will display all participating players’ scores


Statistics are color coded with the top-level category color of each question

The top-level categories and corresponding colors are: 

Contemporary and Popular Culture – Pink 

Culture, Language and Arts – Brown 

Formal and Natural Sciences – Green 

Geography – Dark Blue 

History – Yellow 

Society and Business – Light Blue 

Sports – Orange 


How the scoring works
Only one point is awarded for a correct answer to a question. That means that even if a question requires more than one answer (e.g. which countries does Russia share a land border with) only one point will be awarded that day – and partially correct answers will not give the player points on the leaderboard.  


What is not allowed
You cannot look up the answer before answering. That means no googling, going to Wikipedia, looking in an atlas or looking through your private library for titles or authors. And you cannot ask someone whom you think will know the answer.  

Think of it as if you were playing a quiz game in your own living room together with your friends – in that situation it wouldn’t be okay to look up the answer or facts connected to the question either. 


What is allowed
It is okay to use certain instruments that will help you in tiresome tasks. If, for instance, you have to multiply or subtract two numbers it is okay to use a calculator. If you have to answer how many centimeters the diameter of a basketball hoop is, is okay to use a measuring tape to get a sense of how much one centimeter really is). And it is always okay to use the quizmaster for clarification to a question.  

If you happen to stumble upon the answer without intentionally seeking it out (you might hear who the artist behind “Purple Rain” is on the radio, or what Manchester United’s football stadium is called in the news) it is okay to submit the answer – it is not considered cheating. 


If two or more quizzers are tied for first place at the end of a season, the winner will be found through a tiebreak question. All quizzers are welcome to participate in the tiebreak, but it will not give any additional points – the tiebreak is only meant to sort out the ranking of the players at the top of the table. The deadline for submitting answers to the tie-break is 9 PM (CET) on the last day of the season. The deadline is set two hours before the new season begins to give the quizmaster a chance to determine who the winner is before the new season commences.


Fair play 
Quizzypedia – question of the day quiz is based entirely on trust. There is no way to detect whether people are cheating or not. Therefore, we can only appeal to your sense of fair play by refraining from looking up the answer. Other than there is only one thing left to say…  

Game On!

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