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Season 110 - News !!!

It is time for a bit of news. This past season we have been plagued by a bug on the website... and we have done little to find it. What the bug most often does is to enter two answers into our system one with the answer you submit and one blank answer. The result is, that you often (but not every time) get some kind of error message, or a message stating that “the quizmaster will evaluate your answer” even if it is obvious that your answer is correct. The good news is, that your answers are not lost – we just have to check everything manually, before you get the correct points on the leaderboard. That also means that it in some cases will take longer before your correct score is updated. The reason why we haven’t done more to fix the website problem is, that we are releasing the Android app in a closed beta (alpha really), to a few of you, and we want to put all our energy into the app, because it will work better and it will be our main outlet in the future. How long this testing period will be is still undetermined, as it depends on how smoothly the testing will go. But we hope to send the app in for android approval soon. We also have an IOS version in the workings, but it always takes a little longer with apps for Apple. Therefore, we hope that you will be patient with the website (and with us) for a little while longer, because we probably will not be working on the site, for some time. If the website proves to be too troublesome, you are welcome to send the answers to us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but if you can continue to use the site, it will be a great help for me. And now the new season is almost upon us, so do get ready for a set of questions mad by reigning champion (did we time this well or what) Sander van der Heyden from Belgium. I’m sure you will find it to be a great set of questions. So stay tuned – Season 110 is about to commence... Game on!

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