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Season 101 - News

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

After more than four years of posting questions and with one hundred seasons behind us it

is time for a big announcement. We have just launched the beta-version of our new web site.

Now I cannot stress enough that the site is still very much in beta, that there are things that we need to iron out and some of the features are still very rudimentary, but I do encourage you all to swing by. And when you do (because of course you will ;) ) do sign up and submit your answers there. It will really help us out, because it is only when the site is tested by many “real” users, that we find out exactly where it is we need to use that iron. If you are lucky, I might even take the opportunity to use the flatiron on my green Quizzypedia shirt – it has also been working overtime lately and it has become a little wrinkly.

When you sign up, we will only be asking for your e-mail address and your user-name. However, if you choose to log in with Facebook or Google, we might fetch a profile picture and a few other bits of information (like first and last name), that you have made publicly available on those sites. So besides the e-mail address that we promise to store securely, we will not be storing information about you, that you

have not already shared somewhere else. We will be using the first part of your e-mail address as your nickname on the leaderboard, but we encourage you to change it on your profile page to the name you have on the old leaderboard, so there less confusion as to who is who. This would also be done in the spirit of fair play – to stand by your score so to speak.

On the site, there’s an answer field below each question. This field is only meant for your answer to the question at hand. If you want to leave a message for me, you can use the chat function at the bottom right hand corner of the site. It works much the same way as chatting in messenger does. The reason why we have this special answer field is that it enables us to auto-correct some of your answers. But don’t worry, I will still be lurking behind the curtain, ready to answer follow-up questions, as I always am. If you prefer to continue using Facebook to see the questions and submit answers you can, but at some point we will be moving all answering to the site. But for the foreseeable future, you will still be able to continue playing exactly as you have been for the past many seasons. And while you are already taking a stroll on the interwebs, do swing by our Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts too and have a look. And if you are generous, give us a like and follow us there too. It will help us reach new players. You will find the new Quizzypedia sit on… yes, you guessed it: And the social media outlets at:

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