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Season 102 - News

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It is time for a bit of news. As most of you have probably seen by now, we launched the

Quizzypedia website ( at the beginning of season 101. Overall, I see the launch as a tremendous success. Almost all of the regular players have moved to the site, which is more than I dared hope for. A few of you are still missing, but I hope that you will follow the herd and sign up in the upcoming season.

I know that this has required some patience on your part, and I want you to know that I really appreciate you help and understanding – without it, it would be almost be impossible for Quizzypedia to take the next step. A few of you have been very helpful in pointing out bugs and design improvements (Yasoda in particular – thank you) and I hope you will all continue to contact me with technical issues or feature suggestions. Because we are still in beta (and will continue being so for some time), as we have some issues with different platforms (especially mobile) behaving in different ways, but we are working on fixing those.

And it is time for you to be rewarded for your patience and help. We have introduced a feature that many of you have requested: showing the correct answer right after you have submitted your own answer. I understand that there is nothing more frustrating for a passionate quizzer, than submitting an answer and then not being told what the correct answer is. So, this is one feature on the site that gives a better experience than you get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. And if the correct answer given is not the one you gave, but you still think your answer is correct, don’t hesitate to use the chat-icon on the page to make an inquiry. It works in almost the same manner as the chat on Facebook does. You are also very welcome to leave comments or ask questions through the chat function – in fact, I really hope you will, because I have actually missed some of the daily interaction I used to have with you guys.

Another feature we are introducing (actually it is already live) is statistics. If you click on your profile icon, you will see an option to choose statistics. For now, you can only see the statistics for the individual seasons, and only for the seven top-level categories. But we are working on combined statistics for several seasons, and for more detailed statistics on sub-categories – those features will be added soon. And we have many additional improvements in the pipeline… those will be rolled out in the weeks and months to come.

Okay, enough chatter from me now. The new season is about to commence and I am happy and proud to announce that four time Quizzypedia champion Duncan McDonald has been kind enough to provide us with the questions for season 102. So don’t be confused when I appear on you screens reading the questions out loud. I am merely a vessel necessary to ship Duncan’s great questions on to you. Have fun…

Game on!

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