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Season 103 - News

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Once again it is time for a bit of news. We have just finished our second season on the new website and I must thank you for your support.

All but two participants used the site this season and all regular players now have a profile. I know that using the site still requires patience on your part and we know that there are still things that we need to improve to give you a better experience, but rest assured – we are working on that. And do continue sending us bug reports and feature requests - that is the best way for us quickly to improve the site.

And of course, we want to reward you for your help. We have added (yes, it is already live) an advanced statistics section under your profile, where we are combining your statistics for the past 10 seasons. That way you will be able to see which categories you are particularly strong in, and which categories you may need to focus a little extra on, if you want to improve. Now when I say the last 10 seasons, then that is only true to a certain point. You see, in order for you to see that statistic, it needs to be in the system, and unfortunately the only way to do that right now, is for me to manually enter every single answer for every single player for every single season into the system. With 10 seasons, an average of 70 players and 14 questions per season, that is approximately 10,000 answers that I need to copy/paste. So I hope you will accept that it might take a little time before your Quizzypedia statistics is completely up to date – but I will get there.

We are currently working on a feature where you can compare statistics with each other, which should be fun. And we are also working on a blog were all news and champion posts will go and a forum where you can discuss all things quizzing. I cannot say when these new sections will show up… but we are working on it.

Okay, enough about the site for now. The new season is about to commence and I am happy to announce that Australian Quiz Wiz Evie Levens has been kind enough to provide us with the questions for season 103. So don’t be confused when I appear on you screens reading the questions out loud – and don’t laugh too hard, when I try to pronounce some parts of the questions (not kind, Evie!) – all the praise should go to Evie. Have fun…

Game on!

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