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Season 104 - News

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It is time of a bit of news. During the last two weeks I have asked a bunch of you if you would contribute with a set of 14 questions for a season.

And I am very happy to say that the response I have received has been overwhelmingly positive. So far 16 quizzers have agreed to make a set (not counting Duncan and Evie who made their excellent contributions in the two previous seasons).

That means that 32 weeks of questions (or more than half a year of quizzing) should already be in the making. This is excellent news because you as quizzers will get more varied questions than I can come up with. I will still make my own question set every once in a while (in order not to loose touch with the craft – and because I think it is fun), but in the upcoming months it will be a common occurrence with different question setters.

However, in order for that to work, I will be taking on a more active role as editor of the question sets. This is mostly to ensure that the difficulty of the questions is not too high, not to meddle with your personal styles and special touches. Those will just add flavor to the mix in my opinion.

So if you are a part of the Quizzypedia community and I have not reached out to you, rest assured that I would very much like you to make a set of questions too. Some of you might be thinking, what does making a set of questions entail? Only to make 14 questions in different categories and one tie-break question. This answer still leaves room for some questions, though. To answer those, I have made a smallish document with instructions for question makers. And if you still have questions, you are of course always welcome to reach out to me. You can find the link here:

Like last year, I plan to make a Christmas Season, with 14 questions related to... well, Christmas. So if any of you are up for making that, please let me know. But it is not an easy task as all the top level categories still have to be covered.

One of the quizzers I reached out to is veteran Quizzypedia quizzer, three time Quizzypedia champion and two time Quizzypedia guest Quizmaster Kathryn Hutchinson – so I know that you will be in excellent hands during the upcoming fortnight. I sure you will enjoy her set. Now the new season is about to commence, and I only have one thing left to say...

Game on!

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