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Season 109 - News !!!

News !!!

It is time for a bit of news. And this season the biggest news surely was the introduction of a new league format called Clash of Countries, where the individual quizzers points are pooled together by nation to make a national league. The new format caused some intense rivalry between Denmark and Sri Lanka and it was only on the very last day  that Sri Lanka managed to secure the last couple of points to secure their nations first victory. Clash of Countries was a big success and contributed to a record breaking number of active players and it will continue in the upcoming months. The app is beginning to take shape and we hope to release the first version of the app soon.

And now the new season is almost upon us, so do get ready for a set of questions made by Serbian quiz master (in the true sense of the word) and Quizzypedia Clash of Countries MVP Braca Kundalić - I am sure you will be pleased with the questions. So stay tuned – Season 109 is about to commence... Game on!

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