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Season 111 - News !!!

It is time for a bit of new. And the news this season sounds very much like yesterseasons news. We are still plagued by the bug on the website. This season to such a degree that some of you couldn’t answer. That of course demanded our attention, so we removed your option to rate the questions, because that solved the immediate answering problem. The feature will of course return, once we start focusing on the website for more than quick fixes again.

Unfortunately, that is still a bit of time away, because we still need to put the finishing touches on the Android app, but it shouldn’t be too far off now, and the beta-testers are using it without any problems, so it looks promising. The IOS version is a little further down the line, not because we need to build it entirely from scratch, because we can reuse a lot of the Android code, but because it takes longer for Apple to approve new apps. We do hope to start beta-testing of an IOS app in a not too distant future, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. But we realize that it is still dark in there, so do send me an SOS if things get too murky and confusing. Then I will do my best to try to assist you. And now, no more chitchat from me, because the new season is almost upon us. I would say that the questions are made by your regular quizmaster, but since it has been 10 seasons since I last made a set of questions and we have had many new users since then, I guess a set of questions made by yours truly is also somewhat of a novelty. I hope you will enjoy them. Anyway, Season 111 is about to commence, so stay tuned... Game on!

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