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Season 114 - NEWS !!!

Happy New Year! I think I can safely say that we are all hoping for a better 2021. On the Quizzypedia front I can already tell you that things are looking brighter. We have made the final changes to the Android app today, and if everything goes according to plan the upcoming week (no major bugs, etc.) we will ship the app off to Google for approval. With a bit of luck, all Android users should be able to download the first version of the app before the end of season 114. Now once again, I need to stress that this will be a minimum viable product, so it will not come with a ton of cool features – we will slowly be adding those over time - but we will have a solid platform from which we can build. And we hope that the app will provide you with a good, stable quizzing experience.

The IOS version is next in line. It will take some time for us to adapt the code so it will work on Apple devices, but the main constraint is that Apple has an extensive approval process and that takes a lot of time. The only thing I can promise is that we are working on it and we will make it for you as soon as we can. In the mean time you will have to rely on the existing platforms. In 2020 we finally managed to publish our website. Now as most of you know this has not been smooth sailing all the way. But it looks like we have managed to kill the bug that was haunting us for much of the autumn. And now that the page is working properly again I save a lot of time because most of the scoring happens automatically – so IOS-users, if you can, please do continue using the webpage, it really helps me, and the statistics we get from your usage helps us build a better product. I am also happy to say that 2020 was also the year when we have seen the highest number of new users. We are setting new records on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube) even though the social media platforms are no longer our primary outlet. The number of participating quizzers each season is also steadily increasing and when I scan the most resent world quizzing results list it makes me proud to see many of the Quizzypedia regulars do very well – several players are among the top 200 players in the world! Keep up the good work (and keep playing here 😉). Finally, I would once again like to send a special thank you to all the quizzers who contributed with a set of questions last year – it has been my utmost pleasure to collaborate with y’all and work with your great questions. Never have we had a year with so many guest quizmasters – in fact it came to be somewhat of a novelty if I actually made a set of questions. And I am happy to say that 2021 doesn’t look like it will be any different. Between Christmas and New Years I sent out a mail to a few people asking them if they would make a set of questions and within two days, I had the first 10 seasons of 2021 locked down. And quite a few of you have already sent me the questions. So if I am a little slow in getting back to you, it isn’t because I don’t appreciate the help you are giving me, I am just a bit swamped. 😊 If others would also like to contribute, I will be more than happy to receive your questions, but you might need to be quick, because there are only so many seasons in a year 😉 And speaking of guest quizmasters, I am happy to announce (as already hinted in a post earlier today) that Belgian super quizzer Sander van der Heyden has been kind enough to return as quizmaster and supply us with the questions for the upcoming season. So stay tuned, the fun is about to begin... Game on!

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