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Season 116 - News

Last week, there was no real news. And unfortunately, the situation is the same this week. After a long wait, we got approval from Google and we thought the app was ready to launch. But it turned out, that we had a few more bugs we needed to kill. Those were quickly killed, and we had the new version of the app approved yesterday. We need to test the new version for a few days, to make absolutely sure that the changes we made really did kill all the bugs, and then (fingers crossed) we should be able to release the app in Google Play.

Anyway, enough talk about the app (I am finding it increasingly hard to find new ways to write “the app is almost ready”). The new season is about to start. This time with questions by the one and only Duncan McDonald (okay, maybe there are a few of them, but you know who I mean)… Six time Quizzypedia Champion and our current champion. Last time he made a set you were in for a real treat and I promise you that this time will be no different.

Game on!

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