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Season 123 - News !!!

So what is new? The latest version of the app with e-mail login, bug fixes and adds (yikes) is up and running. However, Google Analytics tells us, that more than half of the users are still running old or even very old versions. Therefore, I hope that the users of the app will go to Google Play and see if there should be an update available. From this version on, the app will automatically check for new updates, so it is kind of an important one. What are we working on now? Editing of profiles – a new feature that we plan to release during this season. Making an app takes time, but hopefully along the line, you will feel that you are getting a better, more stable and more feature packed app. So all you android users out there, that haven’t already been there (and yes, we know that you are out there) do swing by Google play, search for Quizzypedia, download the app and take it for a spin.

Oh, and we are also still working on editing your questions. It turns out (to my constant surprise) that life takes time too, and the editing of all your questions seems to be the one thing that I can push back without hurting anything (except for your patience). Apologies for that, I will get there, I promise. At least season by season.

Okay, enough app talk because I am very exited to announce that for the first time in Quizzypedia history we will have a German Quizmaster. So do get ready for Hendrik Scharpenack’s take on a set of questions – I can’t promise that it will be easy, but I will promise that it will be interesting and challenging. Game on!

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