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Season 124 - News !!!

Last season I teased that during the season the app users would be getting the possibility to edit theirprofiles. Well, we hit a bit of a snag that meant making the changes were a bit more difficult than predicted. Therefore, the new version isn’t live yet, but it should be during the first week of the new season.

The new season is about to start and I am happy to announce that I went down under to find the season’s quizmaster. Evie Levens is the brains behind the questions this season. This is Evie’s second run as Quizzypedia quizmaster, but since her turn she added something exciting to her resume – she is now a question writer for The Chase Australia. Congratulations Evie, well done, and congratulations to all the Qweeps who will now have questions from a real pro. So get ready for some awesome Aussie questions...

Game on!

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