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Season 125 - News !!!

The last couple of seasons I have promised you that we would have the “editprofiles” functionality for the app ready. Guesswhat? It is still not ready. This time, there is a good and excitingreason,though.

Weareprogramming a newsection for the app, thatwillallowus to run special quizzes alongside the regulardaily quiz. Weare, however, under a bit of pressure time wise, becausewewantourfirst event to be the Olympics. For thatreason, wedecidedto put the “editprofiles” functionality on hold.

So,whatwillthis event be like?Well, it willbe a daily quizwith questionsrelated to... youguessed it - the Olympics. Contrary to the regular quiz therewillbeseveralquestionseachday, but in line with the old quiz youwill still have 72 hours to answereachquestion. Thequestionswilleachbeassigned a difficultybeforehand and the number of points youwillget for a correctanswerwilldepend on the assigneddifficulty. The scoreboard willbecontinuouslyupdated, but therewillbe no Clash of Countries or otherannouncementsalong the way. As with the regular quiz, youshould join the event to test yourself in yourknowledge of the Olympics,not for the glory(because as always it will be possible to cheat) and certainly not for the prizes, becausewe havenone.

The event willonlybeavailableinour apps (not the webpage or oursocial media outlets). Yes, Apps with a plural s is not a typo. By the time weget to the Olympics, the IOS version of the app willfinallybeavailable. So, bythattime, 99% of youguysshouldbeable to playalong even if we disconnect some of the old ways of answering.

To makethiswork, I have talked to Sander van der Heyden, Duncan McDonald and Dorian Willems and they have all agreed to join the Quizzypedia Olympics team tomakequestions for the event. However, wewantthis event to be a success with a lot of new dailyquestions and for that to happenweneed at leastof couple more sports nerds (and I use that word very affectionately)to join the team of quiz-writers.

Beforeyou all comeflocking to me at once, please bear in mind thatifyouchoose to enter the questionwriting team, thenyoucannotcompete in the event. And anotherthing, weneed a couplequestionwriters more, but weprobably do not need to be ten people on the writingstaff, so evenif I willreallyappreciate the dozens (surely) of messages I willgetlatertoday, I might have to turnyoudownanyway, because the slots at that time have already been taken. But questions are always welcome and we will surely be able to use everything we get... in the worst-case scenario the next Olympics is only three years away, so we will be off to a running start. ;)

Okay, I think that is enough about the Olympics event for now because we shouldn’t forget about the regular quiz. This time I went with a local quizmaster. Four-time Quizzypedia champion Jens Andersen has been good enough to supply us with the upcoming 14 questions. So, get ready and get set because the new season is about to commence...

Game on!

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