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Season 128 - News !!!

This is the season we have been working towards for several months now. On Friday, we will be launching the Olympics event in the app. For those of you who have the app, you should already be able to see an extra menu point on the home screen called... well... Events. If you cannot see the events button, try downloading the latest version of the app. That should help.

As for the IOS-version... well, it has been submitted for review some time ago, but the good people at Apple are taking their time approving it. We hope that it will be ready for Friday, but it is unfortunately out of our hands. However, if it isn’t there at the very beginning of the Olympics you will still be able to play along and have all the questions once it gets approved, because the event doesn’t start before you read the first question, and at that point you will have three days to answer all open questions up until that point. The event (future events, themed quizzes and old seasons) will only be available in the apps, so now would be a good time to make the jump from the webpage or our social media outlets to the apps. The regular daily quiz will still be available through the usual channels... at least for now. A big thank you should go out to Sander van der Heyden, Duncan McDonalds and Dorien Willems for supplying us with many great questions – 51 to be exact or three every day during the Olympics (one easy, one medium and one hard). And now let's turn our attention to the upcoming season. Belgian top quizzer Dorian Willems is back with another set of questions. So, get ready for a great and challenging season. Game on!

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