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Season 129 - News !!!

Unfortunately, this time I am the bearer of bad news. It turns out, that the Expo Go app cannot be used by IOS users after all without an extensive registration process. The process is too complex to roll out to a wider userbase and it would violate basic GDPR-Rules to do so. For those reasons we cannot offer this solution.

And what is worse, the app that we sent in for review has been rejected by Apple. The reason for the rejection was some of some minor technicalities that had to be corrected, before the app will be approved. We have already corrected this and resubmitted the app for review, but given Apple’s previous response time, it is unlikely that the app will be ready before the Olympics is over. We will leave the event open, so you will still have time to try the 51 questions, but most likely not when the Olympics are still taking place.

Luckily, we also have a bit of good news to offer. The leaderboard, that has caused us some trouble has finally been completed and is active in the android app. So, for those of you who are participating in the event, do swing by and have a look at how you measure up against the other contestants. Okay, no more event talk now. The new season is fast approaching and I am happy to announce that once more we have a Belgian quizmaster. This time around Gert-Jan Dugardein is the brains behind the questions, so get ready for questions in categories ranging from French History to Board Games.

Game on!

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