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Season 133 - News - part 2 !!!

As some of you might have noticed, I did not make any Clash of Countries posts this season. There are two reasons for this.

1) I don’t think a lot of people actually read the Clash of Countries posts or care too much about the results for that matter, and

2) it takes me a lot of time to collect the data to make the posts (since the webpage unfortunately is not made to display this information by the click of a button.) If I am wrong and you actually do like the Clash of Countries segment, do write me a message and I will consider rebooting the league.

The retirement of Clash of Countries was the first and easy step in reducing my workload. When we introduced the website in the early summer of 2020, we also expanded to new social media platforms which means that Quizzypedia is now present on Facebook (page and group), Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and earlier this year we also released the Quizzypedia android app.

There are several reasons why we are present on these media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are platforms we use to try to attract new users. YouTube is used to store our videos and the Quizzypedia webpage and app are our primary outlets. The videos are important because the social media platforms prioritize posts with video content. In other words, we reach a larger audience with videos than without. That is why we cannot (and haven’t already) cut them.

All of these platforms require that I fill in several boxes with information, upload media and schedule the post for every single question in each season. That means that instead of preparing 14 questions each season, prepare close to 90 questions. When editing (or writing) the questions are added to this work, I probably use 20 hours preparing a season and another 20 hours every season answering comments and writing posts.

Making questions or editing your questions is fun and so is communicating with you guys, so do keep sending me comments, suggestions and questions – this is what makes it fun to run this quiz. But preparing the seasons on the different platforms is tedious work and takes my time away from why I actually started Quizzypedia more than five years ago – to make a fun quiz and challenge myself and learn from making questions. And I am starting to question if all this work (making posts for the different platforms) is actually wort the time I put in to it. So, I would like to ask you to send me messages answering two questions: 1) What is your primary source for the questions: A) The Facebook Group (Just write Facebook if you don’t know if it is the group of the page) B) The Facebook Page C) Instagram D) Twitter E) The Quizzypedia Webpage F) The Quizzypedia app Where did you first hear about Quizzypedia:

A) It popped up in my Facebook Feed B) It popped up in my Instagram Feed C) It popped up in my Twitter Feed D) A Friend recommended the quiz to me (if so, where did (s)he tell you to find the quiz)

I hope that many of you will send me messages. And I will be very happy if you will not limit yourselves to answering the two questions but also leave a few comments about the quiz in general. What is good, what is bad and what we can do better. And just to avoid a few comments that I know I will get otherwise 1) we are aware that the webpage and the app have several technical issues and

2) for copyright reasons we will not go back to including pictures in the questions – although we agree that it often spices the questions up.

And now for the most shocking news. Quizzypedia will be off the grid for four weeks. I simply need to have a bit of a breather.

If some of you want to help out and make a set of questions, please let me know, and I will send you the instructions on what criteria the questions should meet (I will not be that much off the grid – I will answer messages). I would very much welcome sets of questions, because it is often quicker to edit questions than to make a set myself, and it is always fun to see other quizzers perspectives on how they envision a good set. If some of you would like to chip in in other ways (maybe you have mad programming or graphics skills) that would also be very welcome. In any event, I hope that you will all use the next four weeks to recharge your quizzing batteries and I really hope that you will be back again, when Quizzypeia is. Game Off!

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1 Comment

Vinayak Sharma
Vinayak Sharma
Oct 11, 2021

1) In order of frequency: E) The Quizzypedia Webpage, D) Twitter, C) Instagram 2) B) It popped up in my Instagram feed.

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