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Season 162 - News

Last season, I included an image in every video related to the question (in one instance I even changed the sound) This added media might/might not serve as an extra clue to reach the correct answer. This extra feature is still on a trial basis and I don't know if I will continue including extra media in the videos. It will depend upon the reactions from the quizzers. Quizmaster – Season 162: Henrik Mølgaard

The answers to the final three days of season 161 are:


Day 12 of 14

Category: Toxicology

Answer: PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)


Day 13 of 14

Category: Boardgames

Answer: Richard Feynman


Day 14 of 14

Category: Art History

Answer: Tronie The first question of Season 162 will be posted in one hour!

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