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Season 76 - News

It’s time for a special season. As I will be going on vacation with my family, I have asked some

of the regular quizzers if they would fill in for me. Luckily, the mission succeeded. This season, Kathryn Hutchinson and Dan Palethorpe have agreed to share the task as quizmaster. And you are in good hands. Both of them have played Quizzypedia for so long that Dan’s beard has started turning grey since he began playing (Kathy on the other hand still looks 40).

Together they have 9 Quizzypedia championships to their name and Kathy has even (very) successfully hosted a season before. Dan has been been the wiz behind the questions and you will have the pleasure of interacting with Kathy on a daily basis. I hope you will receive them well. Here are a few of the categories we will be struggling with in the upcoming season: Brands, Math, Monuments, Musicals, Piercings, TV and YouTubers.

The season begins in a few minutes (11 am CET). One question each day for 14 days – three days to answer. The questions will be posted at 7 o’clock (CET) on the following 13 days. Use the send message button at the bottom of the post to submit answers. A correct answer will get a thumbs up, an incorrect answer a thumbs down. The correct answers are revealed on the page after three days.

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