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Season 81 - News

A small heads up. The last few days of this season, I will not be the guy behind the curtain

with no clothes on (wait… something about that metaphor doesn’t seem right), as I will be out of the country - possibly with limited internet access. Therefore, Ravindu Madanayake has generously (and fully dressed) agreed to answer your… erm… answers and update the leaderboard. You will be in good hands as Ravindu is a Quizzypedia quizmaster veteran by now - he has several seasons under his belt already (and one coming up) - so I am quite confident that everything will be running smoothly. But please give a warm welcome (and a koala bear hug) to your interim quizmaster. I will be returning as your quizmaster for the upcoming season, but I might be a little late updating the day one answers on the leaderboard. I hope you’ll be patient. P.S. If any of you notice that Ravindu has points for the last days of the season already, it is because he got those questions in advance, not because he meddled with the leaderboard :D

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