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Season 85 - News

It is time for another special season. Veteran Quizzypedia quizzer John Larkin has agreed to make the Season 85 set of questions. I (Henrik) will still be the be the guy correcting your

answers, but in the spirit of mixing things up and having a fresh take on question making, I asked John if have a go. And boy did he mix things up (in a good way), so there will be very little Popular Culture and very little Classical (unpopular?) Culture - topics I have a tendency to gravitate towards. Instead you should prepare yourself for topics like African History, Athletics, Basketball, Chemical Elements, Dinosaurs, Explorers and Roman Numerals. It think this will not only mix things up, it might also shake things up at the top of the tables.

The season begins Monday the 11th. One question each day for 14 days – three days to answer. The questions will be posted at 7 o’clock (CET). Use the send message button at the bottom of the post to submit answers. A correct answer will get a thumbs up, an incorrect answer a thumbs down. The correct answers are revealed on the page after three days.

Please note, that there has been a slight rule change. On the last day of each season, answers to day 12, 13 and 14 must be submitted no later than 19.00 (CET). This rule only applies to the quizzers who still have a chance to win the season and only if answers from one of these quizzers activate a tie-break. The reason for this is, that the tie-break question has to be posted at a time, when the tie-break contestants still have a fair chance to answer the question before the season is over. If a quizzer answers correctly after 19.00 (CET) but before the end of the season (7.00 the following day) points will still be awarded on the leaderboard.

Game On!

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