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Clash of Countries - Season 2

The second season of Clash of Countries has begun and the reigning champion Team Sri Lanka is not off to a great start. With only four participating quizzers and five points the Lankans are to be found in the middle of the scoreboard. Are they resting on the laurels or will we see a throng of Lankans enter the game tomorrow. On the contrary, last season's runner up, Team Denmark is off to a flying start with 11 active quizzers and 18 points. However, Team England's seven players are right behind them with 13 points. And finally it is time to welcome a new team to the League of Nations as @Allyssa Morgan entered the competition representing Team USA. It will be interesting to see how they will be doing in their first season. Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 11 18

England 7 13

Belgium 3 6

Australia 4 6

Sri Lanka 4 5

India 2 3

Germany 1 2

Norway 1 1

Scotland 1 1

Serbia 1 1

Sweden 1 1

USA 1 1

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