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Clash of Countries - Season 2

The second season of Clash of Countries has begun and the reigning champion Team Sri Lanka is not off to a great start. With only four participating quizzers and five points the Lankans are to be found in the middle of the scoreboard. Are they resting on the laurels or will we see a throng of Lankans enter the game tomorrow. On the contrary, last season's runner up, Team Denmark is off to a flying start with 11 active quizzers and 18 points. However, Team England's seven players are right behind them with 13 points. And finally it is time to welcome a new team to the League of Nations as @Allyssa Morgan entered the competition representing Team USA. It will be interesting to see how they will be doing in their first season. Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 11 18

England 7 13

Belgium 3 6

Australia 4 6

Sri Lanka 4 5

India 2 3

Germany 1 2

Norway 1 1

Scotland 1 1

Serbia 1 1

Sweden 1 1

USA 1 1

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Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard

Clash of Countries – Season 2 – Update Day 12

With two days of the season to go, Team Denmark is still in the lead. Quite impressively, Team England almost keeps up with Team Denmark despite having seven fewer players. The reigning champions Team Sri Lanka are still in third place and it doesn’t possible for them to move up or down the tables. In fourth place Team Australia has 38 points, ten points more than Team Belgium. However, it should be mentioned that Belgium only has three players on their team, so their average is very high. Team Serbia, also a three player team is, with 26 points, doing almost as well as Team Belgium. The final results…


Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard

Clash of Countries – Season 2 – Update Day 8

Nothing has changed in the top four. But Team Australia in fourth place is struggling to keep Team India and Team Belgium down. And a special shout-out should go to @Ruon Saito who just put Japan on the scoreboard. Welcome to the quiz.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 17 83 (+17)

England 9 62 (+13)

Sri Lanka 10 (+1) 42 (+9)

Australia 6 26 (+5)

India 5 23 (+6)

Belgium 3 22 (+5)

Serbia 3 19 (+2)

Norway 2 13 (+4)

Scotland 1 8 (+2)

Germany 1 7 (+3)

Sweden 1 6 (+1)

USA 1 6 (+1)

Wales 1 5

Bulgaria 1 3 (+1) Japan 1 2 (+2)


Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard

Clash of Countries – Season 2 – Update Day 6

Nothing has changed much at the top of the tables. It looks like Team Denmark is pulling away from Team England in second place. England has a better average than Denmark, but with almost twice as many players turning out for the Quiz Vikings it is an uphill battle for the Brits. Team Sri Lanka is still in third place with some distance to Austalia in fourth position. Belgium, Serbia and India are having an intense fight for fifth place with 17 points each. Finally a shout out should go to @Георги Жечев who put Team Bulgaria on the scoreboard.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 17 (+2) 66 (+31)



Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard

Clash of Countries – Season 2 – Update Day 3 After Day 3 Team Denmark has extended their lead, in number of active players (+4) and points (+17). England is still in second place, adding two players to the team. Last season’s champions Team Sri Lanka also manned up with 3 extra players and jumped from fifth to third place. The following four positions are taken by Team Australia, India, Serbia and Belgium. Only four points are separating those four teams, so it looks like a close race down there. Finally, a special mention should go out to Team Wales who joined the league when @Anthony Fish entered the season with 3 points.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 1…

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