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Clash of Countries – Season 3

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The season kicks off with 16 competing teams. The first three spots are taken by the three teams that ended on first, second and third place last season – Denmark, England and Sri Lanka. However, there are not many points (or participating players) between the 3 teams and Team Belgium also looks like it will be as strong contender, this season with 9 participating players so far and 15 points – just one point behind team Sri Lanka. It looks like @Sander van der Heyden has that certain quizmaster pull, that will make his team over perform. It will be interesting to see if Belgium will get on the podium this season.

And a special shout out should go to three entirely new team – please welcome Team Holland, Romania and United Arab Emirates to the competition. I hope you will all do well.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 13 24

England 10 18

Sri Lanka 10 16

Belgium 9 15

Australia 3 5

Norway 2 4

India 2 3

Germany 1 2

Japan 2 2

Holland 1 2

Romania 1 2

Scotland 1 2

Sweden 1 2

Serbia 1 1

UAE 1 1

USA 1 1

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Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard
Nov 21, 2020

Clash of Countries – Update day 12

Although it has been four days since the last update little has changed on the scoreboard. Denmark is still in the lead with a substantial margin down to the English (!) in second place. Sri Lanka is still third with Belgium and Australia in the following places.

But Serbia’s three players have managed to overtake India’s five players by one point and it will be interesting to see if they can hold on to this lead. We will know in a couple of days.

It should also be noted that Team Romania lead by one man army Marian Pavel really punched in, in their first season with 10 point so far. And…


Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard
Nov 16, 2020

Clash of Countries – Day 8 update After 8 days Denmark is still in the lead. But the Lankans have been unable hold on to their second place - the Brits have once more taken the second spot on the scoreboard. Team Belgium in fourth place still has a chance of a podium position, but they are 18 points behind Sri Lanka, so they need to pick up the pace. One last thing to keep an eye on is Team India’s struggle to keep Team Serbia in 7th place. Serbia only has 3 players, but they are just one point behind India, even though India has five players. Will the Indians hold the fort?

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 18 (+3…


Henrik Mølgaard
Henrik Mølgaard
Nov 11, 2020

Clash of Countries – Day 3 update Denmark, Sri Lanka, England and Belgium all have 10 player or more and they all stand a realistic chance of getting the title. Team Denmark is still in the lead, but England is only trailing 2 points and Sri Lanka is one point after. Belgium is in fourth place, and they can be contenders, but that requires a higher average than they are currently producing. Australia is in fifth place but they need a few more players to turn out to be competing for a place at the podium.

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 15 (+2) 37 (+13)

Sri Lanka 13 (+3) 35 (+19) England 12 (+2) 34 (+16)

Belgium 10 (+1)

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