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Clash of Countries - Season 4

The season kicks off with 12 competing teams. As always (I’m tempted to say) the three first spots are taken by Denmark, England and Sri Lanka. However, quite a few players usually join on the third day of the season, so the scoreboard might look entirely different tomorrow. It is great to see that many of the Belgians from last season are still showing up for this season too. Maybe they will get a place on the podium this season. Australia is all the way down on 8th place. They are usually a lot higher in the tables, but with only three players participating so far, that might prove to be difficult. Maybe the Aussies will give their fellow compatriots a friendly nudge…

Team Quizzers Points

Denmark 13 23

England 10 15

Sri Lanka 8 12

Belgium 6 11

India 3 5

Norway 2 4

Serbia 2 3 Australia 3 3

Germany 1 2

Japan 1 1

Romania 1 1

Sweden 1 2

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