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Season 102 - WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

As you all know Duncan McDonald was the author of the questions for season 102 and when I got his initial set of questions I was worried that the season would be too hard. For that reason, I asked him to make three new very easy questions to open the season with (Titanic, Pride and Prejudice and Bluetooth) - and they were indeed very easy, probably too easy, but that is entirely on me. I should have trusted Duncan, because the season did not only turn out to be just the right amount of hard on average, not one single question had a difficulty level below 20. So well done, Duncan, and thank you for the questions.

At the end of week one 15 quizzers still had a chance of a perfect season, but the name of a newly discovered comet saw many quizzers crash and burn. Only Bob, Bjarke, Chris and Niels were left with the chance of a perfect season. Bjarke, however, could not carve out the Japanese artist on Day 10 and was out of the race, Niels couldn’t catch the South African antelope on Day 11 and Chris couldn’t find the Chinese dumpling with his spoon on Day 12, which left Bob as the last man standing. Please congratulate Bob on his first perfect season and more importantly his first Quizzypedia championship. Well done, Bob!


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