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Season 108 - Clash of Countries - Winner Announcement !!!

Season 108 was the very first season of Clash of Countries – a league within the league where the points of each nations’ quizzers are pooled together to see which national team will come out on top at the end. Several updates of the scoreboard were made during the season, but at the very last update on Day 12 Team Denmark and Team Sri Lanka were completely tied with 136 points each. A little further down the table, 2 two player teams Norway and Serbia surprisingly received unexpected competition from Sweden, when @Christopher Ohlin suddenly joined Team Sweeden. The final two days were also needed to see which of the two one player teams Germany and Scotland would come out on top. Before the final scoreboard is revealed, a shoutout should go to Team England. Their 13 players had an astounding 9.8 average – the highest of the season. At the end of the season, the final score looks as follows:

Team         No. of Quizzers    Total points    Average

Sri Lanka          32         151         4.7

Denmark           19         146         7.7

England             13         127         9.8

Australia              7          61         8.7

Belgium               6          49         8.2

India                    5          24         4.8

Serbia                 2          15

Norway                2          14

Sweden              2          13

Germany            1          11

Scotland             1          11

Italy                    1           5

Bulgaria         2           5

That means that Team Denmark couldn’t stand the distance at the very end and the champion of The first ever Clash of Countries is Team Sri Lanka. Please give them a big round of applause.


The Most Valuable Players of each team were:

Sri Lanka @Indika Jayasinghe (14)

Denmark @Jens Andersen (12)  & @Niels Søndergaard (12)

England @Bob Douglas (14), @Bob Thompson (14), @Duncan McDonald (14 & @Kathryn Hutchinson (14)

Australia @Phil Denman (13)

Belgium @Dorian Willems & @Sander van der Heyden

India @Prakhar Gupta (9)

Serbia @Braca Kundalić (13)

Norway @Øyvind Pedersen (10)

Sweden @Jonas von Essen (11)

Germany @Hendrik Scharpenack (11)

Scotland @Chris Grandison (11)

Italy @John Porcella (5)

Bulgaria @Georgi Zhechev (4) Well done, all of you!

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