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Season 110 - Clash of Countries – Winner Announcement !!!

At a glance the scoreboard of Clash of Countries Season 3 looks almost identical to that of Season 2. Denmark, England and Sri Lanka take the first three places and the English has the best average. But if you look a little closer, Team England really made an effort to beat The Quiz Vikings of the North during the final two days of the season. The Danes only managed to get 2 points while the English managed to get 16. And as it turns out, 2 point was exactly the margin that Denmark won by, so Team Denmark should be thankful that Lars Bo Friis and Flemming Borg Nielsen both got the last question of the season right. Team Belgium ended on a very respectable 4th place, their best ever, but although the turnout for the team was great (13 players) and they had the Single’s champion Dorian and Kevin De Smet who both scored 13 points, the team average was simply too low to compete for a podium position. On day 12 one of the big question were if Team Serbia’s three players could keep India’s five players behind them and hold the 6th place. And they did. Well done indeed. Official averages are not posted for Teams with less than 5 players but it takes no math genious to see that the Serbs had a very high average indeed – well done! Finally, it should be mentioned that 4 new countries joined the Clash of Countries league this season, so welcome Team Romania, Holland, France and United Arab Emirates. I hope you will turn up for the new season too. Scroll down below the scoreboard to see the MVPs of each country.


At the end of the season, the final score looks as follows:

Team Quizzers Points Average

Denmark 18 133 (+2) 7.4

England 15 131 (+16) 8.2

Sri Lanka 14 88 6.3

Belgium 13 69 (+6) 5.2

Australia 6 34 5.7

Serbia 3 28 (+2)

India 5 26 (+1)

Norway 2 15

Romania 1 11 (+1) Germany 1 9

Sweden 1 9

Holland 1 8

Japan 1 7

Scotland 1 7

Italy 1 3 France 1 1

UAE 1 1

USA 1 1


The Most Valuable Players of each team were:

Denmark @Jens Andersen (11) and @Lars Bo Friis (11)

England @John Robinson (12) and Tony Moore (12)

Sri Lanka @Hasini Minuvanpitiya (10) @Sisira Mark Anthony (10)

Belgium @Dorian Willems (13) and Kevin De Smet (13) Australia @Aaron Mohann (8)

Serbia @Elvis Polomi (11)

India @Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan (9)

Norway @Øyvind Pedersen (9)

Romania @Marian Pavel (11) Germany @Hendrik Scharpenack (9)

Sweden @Jonas von Essen (9) (2)

Holland @ Chris Esendam (8) Japan @Ruon Saito (7)

Scotland @Chirs Grandison (7)

Bulgaria @Georgi Zhechev (4) Italy @John Porcella (3)

France @ Gregory Joukowsky (1) UAE United Arab Emirates @Akhtar Ali (1) USA @Bryan Alexander (1)

Well done, all of you!

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