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Season 113 - Last Call !!!

Last Call !!!

Don’t forget to join Season 113. All questions this season is made by yours truly (Henrik Mølgaard). Go to our website to submit your answers or answer here by sending a direct message. The first three questions are: _____

Day 1: Category: Country Music This American multi-platinum selling country star (b. 1946) was included into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999. She has composed over 3,000 songs including "Jolene", "9 to 5" and "I Will Always Love You." She has won 10 Grammy Awards and she is part of a very small group of artists to receive at least one nomination from the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Tony Awards and Emmy Awards. What is the name of this multifaceted, voluptuous woman who can hardly be characterized as a "Dumb Blonde"?


Day 2: Category: Energy Resources What is the term for the technique designed to extract gas and oil from shale rock by injecting a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the rock to force the fossil fuels to flow out to the head of the well? The method is highly controversial because of the colossal amount of water used in the process and because the chemicals used are suspected of contaminating the groundwater around the drilling site.


Day 3: Category: The Great Depression This American couple robbed banks, gas stations and rural stores during the Great Depression. They are believed to have killed at least nine policemen and four civilians. Their criminal endeavors were glamorized in the American press, but their misdeeds came to a sharp halt when they were killed in an ambush by the police in Louisiana in 1934. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway portrayed the couple in a romanticized version of their criminal dealings in a 1967 film directed by Arthur Penn. What are the first names of the two outlaws.


And do invite your annoying aunt, your brilliant brother, your clever cousin, your discerning dad, your enlightened electrician, your fastidious friend, your gifted girlfriend, your highbrow hairdresser, your judicious janitor, your keen kitchen helper, your learned librarian, your mischievous mother-in-law, your nimble nanny, your omniscient optician, your perceptive paperboy, your quirky quarry worker, your resourceful reporter, your savvy step-sister, your thoughtful tailor, your understanding uncle, your versatile vicar, your wise waitress, your xenodochial x-ray inspector, your yeasty yard inspector and your zealous zoologist.  Game on!

Leaderboard: Most important rules: 1) No googling! 2) DON’T WRITE the answer on the wall, go to and submit your answer there. 3) Only one answer per contestant, per question. 4) The answer will be revealed after 3 days (except for the last two questions).

For the extended rulebook, see here:

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