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Season 116 - WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION !!!

This season was easy... relatively speaking of course, but with an average difficulty of 56 and only one question with a difficulty below 20 (19) and only one below 30 (29) it has been a long time since we have had such an easy season. Is that a bad thing? By no means! Not when the quizmaster is able to vary the topics to such a degree that almost all of you missed one or two questions. So well done, Duncan for a very enjoyable set. I hope you will be up for making one more at some point in the future. Now I did say that most of you missed a step or two during the season. But four qweeps managed to stick the landing and get one of those hard-to-come-by perfect season. The four players were: Gert-Jan Dugardein, Indika Jayasinghe, Marion Jarret and Ronny Swiggers. And what do we do in the case of a tie? We have a tie-break. The topic this time, countries that shares a land border with either Brazil or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The two countries border a total of 19 questions. Unfortunately, Indika did not participate in the tie-break, so only three were left standing. Would the trophy go to England (and though customs – yikes!) or would it go to one of the two Belgians? In either case, we would have a completely fresh champion as none of the three contestants had ever won before. So how did they do? Marion correctly mentioned 15 countries – quite impressive! Gert-Jan surpassed Marion with one correct answer getting a total of 16 points. Ronny managed to name 17 of the 19 countries, which is extremely impressive. Now that would have made him our new champion if he had kept it at that. Unfortunately, Ronny mentioned two countries that do not share a land border with either Brazil or the DRotC and that means that his final score ends on 15 points one point shy of Gert-Jan's score. That means that Gert-Jan is our new champion. Please give him a big round of applause!


Tie-break breakdown:

The answers to the final three days of the season are: _________________________

Category: Astronomy The brightest star in Northern skies is otherwise known as Polaris or the Pole Star. In which well known constellation can it be found?

Answer: Little Bear (Ursa Minor)


Question of the day quiz – Season 114 - Day 13 of 14 Category: National Dishes Ceviche is a marinated dish cooked with fresh white fish and with green lemon or lime seasoned with coriander, salt and red onion. In which country is Ceviche the national dish?

Answer: Peru


Question of the day quiz – Season 114 - Day 14 of 14 Category: Volcanoes Emi Koussi is the highest volcano found in the Sahara Desert but in which country can it be found?

Answer: Chad __________

Hall of Fame

Tony Moore 18 (Season 111) Laruchka Budelinik 8 (Season 85) Dan Palethorpe 7 (Season 79) Allie Livesley 7 (Season 87) Mette Mølgaard Pedersen 6 (Season 14) Sisira Mark Anthony 6 (Season 89) Duncan McDonald 6 (Season 115) Jens Andersen 4 (Season 107) Kathryn Hutchinson 4 (Season 108) Dorian Willems 4 (Season 113) Sarah Jane Bodell 3 (Season 84) John Robinson 3 (Season 104) Bob Thompson 3 (Season 112) Morten Mølgaard Pedersen 2 (Season 4) Jonas Ravn 2 (Season 15) Nick Cuthbert 2 (Season 21) Remi Nikolai Nissen 2 (Season 23) Adrian Allen 2 (Season 32) Michael Clark 2 (Season 37) Bjarke Hansen Christensen 2 (Season 70) Kasper Fuhlendorff 2 (Season 72) Isuru Anuradha 2 (Season 88) Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan 2 (Season 98) Ida Rud 1 (Season 9) Troels Leth 1 (Season 13) Inge Støttrup 1 (Season 16) Karen Friis Clausager 1 (Season 26) Andy Rowe 1 (Season 27) Tine Kristensen 1 (Season 33) Andrew John 1 (Season 34) Franz Eichhorn 1 (Season 46) Thomas Kolåsæter 1 (Season 52) Chris Grandison 1 (Season 64) Mads Theodorsen 1 (Season 92) Bastian Fischer 1 (Season 94) Bob Douglas 1 (Season 102) Rishabh Gupta 1 (Season 103) Sander van der Heyden 1 (Season 109) Indika Jayasinghe 1 (Season 114) Gert-Jan Dugardein 1 (Season 116)

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