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Season 117 - - Winner announcement

Clash of Countries - Season 10

It happened – the curse is broken! Team England is our new Champion- for the very first time! The impossible-to-beat Danes choked and only managed to get one (sic!) point during the last two days The English on the other hand got 11 points which was easily enough to pass the quiz vikings by a good margin. Well done! As predicted, Belgium ended on third place, but England and Denmark should be happy that the Belgians haven’t recruited a few more players because with an average like that, it will not take too much effort to blow past their two rivals. Two days ago, I said that the fourth place was also very much in play. Most likely Sri Lankan or Australia would secure the place, but India had a small chance of surpassing them. Well, as it turned out, the Indians took their small chance and ran with it. An incredible finish meant that they actually ended fourth. Congratulations on an excellent finish! Team Quizzers Points Average

England 15 121 (+11) 8,1 Denmark 18 115 (+1) 6,4 Belgium 9 87 (+7) 9,7 India 6 40 (+7) 6,7 Sri Lanka 7 40 5,7 Australia 5 39 (+1) 7,8 Germany 2 15 (+2) Scotland 2 13 France 1 13 (+1) Japan 2 12 (+1) Serbia 1 11 Norway 1 7 USA 2 7 Bulgaria 1 3 Philipines 1 3 The Most Valuable Players of each team were:

England @Dan Palethorpe, @Kathryn Hutchinson (12) Denmark @Jens Andersen, @Lars Bo Friis(11) Belgium @Dorian Willems, @Ronny Swiggers (14) India @Vinayak Sharma (12) Sri Lanka @Hasini Minuvanpitiya, @Sisira Mark Anthony (10) Australia @Phill Denman (13) Germany @Hendrik Scharpenack (12) Scotland @Chris Grandison (10) France @Dhruv Sharma (13) Japan @Ruon Saito (10) Serbia @Braca Kundalić (11) Norway @Øyvind Pedersen (7) USA @Alyssa Morgan (5) Bulgaria @Georgi Zhechev (3) Philipines @Julius Caezar Dizon (3) Well done, all of you!

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