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Season 119 - We Have A New Champion !!!

Season 119 is probably the easiest season ever in Quizzypedia history. With an average difficulty of 60, close to half of all participating quizzers managed to score ten points or more. Now that has got to be a record. Why was the season so easy? Well, to be brutally honest my hard-o-meter was simply completely off. Questions 8 to 12 were all significantly easier than I had predicted. This would have been bad, if we have had 10+ playes with perfect seasons, but luckily, we didn’t. On the contrary, I have a feeling that lots of you were pleased with this season, because you had the chance to win right up until the very last days. So, do give a big hand to Isuru for making such an enjoyable set. As stated above, we didn’t have a plethora of perfect seasons. In fact, we only had two. Dhruv Sharma and Sisira Mark Anthony both managed to go through the entire season without a single misstep. And that can only mean one thing... tie-break time. The topic this time was member states of OPEC. Sisira was quickly out of the gates and named 11 countries. Dhruv soon followed and he also mentioned 11. However, Dhruv listed Qatar and Bahrain as member states and since they are not, he ended with 7 points. But what about Sirira’s 11 answers. Were they all correct? If they were, that would make him our new champion. And as it turns out, they were. That means that Sisira has just won his 7th Quizzypedia championship. A very impressive achievement. Please give him a big round of applause! Tie-Break Breakdown:

The answers to the final three days of the season are: _________________________

Day 12 of 14 Category: African History According to ancient Greek and Roman sources, who was the founder and first queen of the Phoenician city-state of Carthage? In the sources, she is described as a clever and enterprising woman who flees her ruthless and autocratic brother, Pygmalion, after discovering that he was responsible for her husband Acerbas's death. Details about the queen's character, life, and role in the founding of Carthage are best known from the account given in Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid.

Answer: Queen Dido


Day 13 of 14 Category: Computing GIF is a a type of computer file that contains a still or moving image. It was developed by the American online service provider CompuServe in 1987.What does GIF stand for?

Answer: Graphics Interchange Format


Day 14 of 14 Category: Chemistry Having the chemical formula NH2‐CH2‐COOH, what is the simplest stable amino acid? The amino acid in question is a colorless, sweet-tasting crystalline solid. It is the only achiral proteinogenic amino acid.

Answer: Glycine __________

Hall of Fame

Tony Moore 18 (Season 111) Laruchka Budelinik 8 (Season 85) Dan Palethorpe 7 (Season 79) Allie Livesley 7 (Season 87) Duncan McDonald 7 (Season 118) Sisira Mark Anthony 7 (Season 119) Mette Mølgaard Pedersen 6 (Season 14) Jens Andersen 4 (Season 107) Kathryn Hutchinson 4 (Season 108) Dorian Willems 4 (Season 113) Sarah Jane Bodell 3 (Season 84) John Robinson 3 (Season 104) Bob Thompson 3 (Season 112) Morten Mølgaard Pedersen 2 (Season 4) Jonas Ravn 2 (Season 15) Nick Cuthbert 2 (Season 21) Remi Nikolai Nissen 2 (Season 23) Adrian Allen 2 (Season 32) Michael Clark 2 (Season 37) Bjarke Hansen Christensen 2 (Season 70) Kasper Fuhlendorff 2 (Season 72) Isuru Anuradha 2 (Season 88) Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan 2 (Season 98) Ida Rud 1 (Season 9) Troels Leth 1 (Season 13) Inge Støttrup 1 (Season 16) Karen Friis Clausager 1 (Season 26) Andy Rowe 1 (Season 27) Tine Kristensen 1 (Season 33) Andrew John 1 (Season 34) Franz Eichhorn 1 (Season 46) Thomas Kolåsæter 1 (Season 52) Chris Grandison 1 (Season 64) Mads Theodorsen 1 (Season 92) Bastian Fischer 1 (Season 94) Bob Douglas 1 (Season 102) Rishabh Gupta 1 (Season 103) Sander van der Heyden 1 (Season 109) Indika Jayasinghe 1 (Season 114) Gert-Jan Dugardein 1 (Season 116) Dhruv Sharma 1 (Season 117)

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