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Season 121 - WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION !!!

After two seasons of very easy questions, we hit a difficulty of exactly 50 this time. A big hand should go out to Sisira Mark Anthony for hitting the target precisely and for making a set of fun and challenging questions. And the season was more difficult. No quizzer had a perfect season, in fact the highest score was twelve points. A total 7 Qweeps reached that score and that meant that the tie-break would be packed.

The topic this time gold medal winners at the 100 meters event for men at the summer Olympics – and Mads, naming swimmers who won gold medals at that distance will not give you any points. In fact, if I were you I would be sure to double check my spelling of all my answers from now on...

David, Dorian, Duncan, Hasini, Ronny, Sander and Vinayak were the seven top contenders and they all participated. Everyone did very well to be honest, but one contestant outshined all the rest. To be fair it should be said that sports is his favorite topic. But who is a sports nerd? Okay, I will not keep the winner from you any longer. Please join me in giving Sander van der Heyden a big round of applause! This is Sanders second championship – congratulations.


The answers to the final three days of the season are: _________________________

Day 12 of 14 Category: International Treaties and Agreements On 15 September 2020, representatives of Israel, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the United States signed a joined statement that marked the first public normalization of relations between an arab country and Israel since that of Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. What is this agreement that is named after an important figure in Judaism and Islam called?

Answer: Abraham Accords


Day 13 of 14 Category: Cartoonists With more than 480 million copies sold worldwide, One Piece is both the best-selling manga and the best-selling comic series of all time. What is the name of the artist and creator behind the series?

Answer: Eiichiro Oda


Day 14 of 14 Category: African History The tenth Mansa of the Mali Empire lived from 1280 to 1337. His empire consisted of land in present day Guinea, Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia and Mali and the empire is estimated to have been the largest producer of gold in the world at the time. Because of the immense gold production, the Mansa has been considered to be the wealthiest individual ever to have lived, although his actual wealth is difficult to measure. What is the name of this extremely wealthy Malian ruler?

Answer: Mansa Musa __________

Hall of Fame

Tony Moore 18 (Season 111) Laruchka Budelinik 8 (Season 85) Dan Palethorpe 7 (Season 79) Allie Livesley 7 (Season 87) Duncan McDonald 7 (Season 118) Sisira Mark Anthony 7 (Season 119) Mette Mølgaard Pedersen 6 (Season 14) Jens Andersen 4 (Season 107) Kathryn Hutchinson 4 (Season 108) Dorian Willems 4 (Season 113) Sarah Jane Bodell 3 (Season 84) John Robinson 3 (Season 104) Bob Thompson 3 (Season 112) Morten Mølgaard Pedersen 2 (Season 4) Jonas Ravn 2 (Season 15) Nick Cuthbert 2 (Season 21) Remi Nikolai Nissen 2 (Season 23) Adrian Allen 2 (Season 32) Michael Clark 2 (Season 37) Bjarke Hansen Christensen 2 (Season 70) Kasper Fuhlendorff 2 (Season 72) Isuru Anuradha 2 (Season 88) Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan 2 (Season 98) Sander van der Heyden 2 (Season 121) Ida Rud 1 (Season 9) Troels Leth 1 (Season 13) Inge Støttrup 1 (Season 16) Karen Friis Clausager 1 (Season 26) Andy Rowe 1 (Season 27) Tine Kristensen 1 (Season 33) Andrew John 1 (Season 34) Franz Eichhorn 1 (Season 46) Thomas Kolåsæter 1 (Season 52) Chris Grandison 1 (Season 64) Mads Theodorsen 1 (Season 92) Bastian Fischer 1 (Season 94) Bob Douglas 1 (Season 102) Rishabh Gupta 1 (Season 103) Indika Jayasinghe 1 (Season 114) Gert-Jan Dugardein 1 (Season 116) Dhruv Sharma 1 (Season 117) Ronny Swiggers 1 (Season 120)

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