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Season 127 - WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION !!!

Season 128 was very easy. The average difficulty of the season was 59 (!) and only one question had a difficulty below 30 (!!!). The average difficulty of my hard-o-meter was 48, which means that I was waaaay off. The good thing about such a season is that all players get to feel super smart and knowledgable and who doesn’t like that. I would like to thank Hasini for letting us play this great set of question. It is in no way her fault, that my hard-o-meter was out of whack. I hope to see you return as quizmaster again someday and I promise to up my game as an editor. A very easy set of questions almost surely means one or two perfect seasons. And that was also the case this time... or rather four perfect seasons. David Beck, David Nadore, Dhruv Sharma and John Robinson all aced the season. The topic for the tie-break: Tennis Grand Slam Men’s Singles Winners in the Open Era from USA. David B. came up with 7 players, but one of them (Todd Martin) never won a Grand Slam Tournament. Dhruv and John both correctly identified (the same !) eight players, but David outdid them by also mentioning Stanley Smith, which got him to 9 out of 13 possible points. Well done, David! This is David’s second championship. Please give him a big round of applause.

Tie-Break Breakdown:

The answers to the final three days of the season are: _________________________

Day 12 of 14 Category: Composers Spanish composer and classical guitarist of the Romantic period Francisco Tárrega is often called "the father of classical guitar" and is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He composed 78 original scores and 120 transcriptions and is known for pieces such as "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" and "Lágrima". However his 1902 guitar composition "Gran Vals" is undoubtedly the most heard tune by him thanks to its use as what since 1993?

Answer: The Nokia Ringtone


Day 13 of 14 Category: Chemical Elements Discovered in 1925, this heavy, third-row transition metal in group 7 of the periodic table, was the last stable element to be discovered. It resembles manganese and technetium chemically and is mainly obtained as a by-product of the extraction and refinement of molybdenum and copper ores. What is this element which happens to be one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust and the only element to be named after a river? Answer: Rhenium


Day 14 of 14 Category: African History In May 1967, the Southern Region of which African country declared independence as a state called the Republic of Biafra under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Emeka Ojukwu which led to the beginning of a civil war that lasted for 30 months?

Answer: Nigeria __________

Hall of Fame

Tony Moore 18 (Season 111) Laruchka Budelinik 8 (Season 85) Duncan McDonald 8 (Season 123) Dan Palethorpe 8 (Season 124) Allie Livesley 7 (Season 87) Sisira Mark Anthony 7 (Season 119) Mette Mølgaard Pedersen 6 (Season 14) Jens Andersen 4 (Season 107) Kathryn Hutchinson 4 (Season 108) Dorian Willems 4 (Season 113) Sarah Jane Bodell 3 (Season 84) John Robinson 3 (Season 104) Bob Thompson 3 (Season 112) Sander van der Heyden 3 (Season 122) Morten Mølgaard Pedersen 2 (Season 4) Jonas Ravn 2 (Season 15) Nick Cuthbert 2 (Season 21) Remi Nikolai Nissen 2 (Season 23) Adrian Allen 2 (Season 32) Michael Clark 2 (Season 37) Bjarke Hansen Christensen 2 (Season 70) Kasper Fuhlendorff 2 (Season 72) Isuru Anuradha 2 (Season 88) Ananthakrishnan Harikrishnan 2 (Season 98) Dhruv Sharma 2 (Season 126) David Nadore 2 (Season 127) Ida Rud 1 (Season 9) Troels Leth 1 (Season 13) Inge Støttrup 1 (Season 16) Karen Friis Clausager 1 (Season 26) Andy Rowe 1 (Season 27) Tine Kristensen 1 (Season 33) Andrew John 1 (Season 34) Franz Eichhorn 1 (Season 46) Thomas Kolåsæter 1 (Season 52) Chris Grandison 1 (Season 64) Mads Theodorsen 1 (Season 92) Bastian Fischer 1 (Season 94) Bob Douglas 1 (Season 102) Rishabh Gupta 1 (Season 103) Indika Jayasinghe 1 (Season 114) Gert-Jan Dugardein 1 (Season 116) Ronny Swiggers 1 (Season 120)

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