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Season 73, had Sarah (SJ Bee) written all over it. No matter what I threw at her, she just hit it out the park. And all the usual suspects fell one by one. Day two claimed the first casualties as Season 72 champion, Kasper Fuhlendorff, thirteen time champion Tony Moore and season 65 champion John Robinson failed to name the Japanese self-help guru Marie Kondo. The next big hurdle came on day 11, when the transitional state between life and death in Buddhism caused six time champion Dan Palethorpe, four time champion Allie Livesly and season 71 and 72 runner up Mads Theodorsen to stumbled. When three time champ Sisira Mark Anthony missed the gunpowder question on day twelve it looked like smooth sailing for the rest of the season for Sarah. But jetlagged on day 14 Sarah was unable to provide the correct number of moves in a four disc Tower of Hanoi puzzle and all of a sudden she found herself in a tie-break with Sisira.

Because of time constraints the tie-break was closed for everyone but the two struggling for the top spot. The topic was the currencies of the current European member states before the Euro was introduced. Sarah managed to correctly identify fifteen currencies, but Sisira bested her by two. That means that Sisira is the champion of season 73. This is Sisira’s fourth championship - quite an achievement considering the competition. Congratulations, Sisira - Well done! Please give him a big round of applause.

Due to technical issues, this post is a little late, so Ravindu has already started the new season. Ravindu is a returning quizmaster so I know you are in very good hands. Good luck to everyone.


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