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Season 74, a relatively easy season for our quiz pros at Quizzypedia and by Day 8 Bob was flawless and leading by 1, but Tony, Dan & Sisira quickly caught up as Bob missed the answers on Day 9 & Day 10. This made the competition wide open and by going on to Day 13, where we had 4 tied for top spot, 2 tied for runner up & 4 tied for 2nd runner up position!

After a hard fought season with Bob, Tony, Dan and Sisira beating each other to the line in the last few rounds, closely followed by Marion, Sarah & Bastian, all going neck to neck everyday. A four way tie break had to set up for Bob, Tony, Dan & Sisira for top spot. Tie breaker topic was allies of World War 1, Tony answered 10 correctly with 2 incorrect answer, Sisira answered 5 correctly with 3 incorrect answers. Dan joined in the very last few moments of the deadline and answered 4 correctly with 5 incorrect answers, appreciate Dan's gutsy attitude towards the tiebreaker in the very last minute. Unfortunately Bob couldn’t participate in to the tiebreaker due to time constraints.

We have a winner for Season 74 - Tony Moore. Congratulations, Tony- Well done! Please give him a big round of applause. Tony is continuing his good form through season and back on top after season 62, Congratulations Tony, Very Well done.

I believe this is Tony’s 14th championship overall, amazing feat.

Quiz masters note:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as the guest quizmaster and I thank you all for supporting me over the past two weeks, apologies for the delayed in response with being down under and not because i was too busy watching cricket :) (not it’s not, may be it is :) ).

Wish you all the very best for the coming season. Cheers.


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